Your Vision Into Reality

We cut production time in half, delivering advanced products swiftly. Leveraging in-house expertise and strong partnerships, we deliver product benchmarking, development, and custom software engineering. Our belief in successful collaborations is the key to creating extraordinary audio experiences. With extensive experience working with diverse teams, we transform your vision into reality, hand-in-hand with your teams.

Design Guidelines & EVK

Customer portal with all our documentation and access to our EVK to minimize your design cycles.

Qualified Hardware

Recommendations for top notch processors and sensors to guarantee the latest tech innovation.

AI-Libraries & Tuning SDKs

Package of our AI-audio features and SW tools to optimize performance to your specific application.

Manufacturing Guidance

Tutorials to assist NPIs in production and documented APIs to leading specialist test equipment.

The design of smart audio devices requires the meticulous amalgamation of a wide array of application-specific audio technologies within a confined product form factor. These technologies often compete for identical acoustic sensing and processing resources, and their optimal performance may be jeopardized due to conflicting technical specifications and an aggressive design paradigm.

Sentient goes further by offering comprehensive design guidelines. Whether it is optimizing power management, handling latency and computing performance, or overcoming size and cost restrictions, our in-house expertise enables us to adeptly address the complexities of hardware, electroacoustics, and edge-AI integration for an exceptional audio experience across all form factors. This integrated approach positions Sentient as a holistic solution, ensuring that not only technical challenges are met but also design considerations are seamlessly integrated into the development process.

Sentient introduces a groundbreaking EVK (Evaluation Kit) facilitating seamless integration of acoustic prototypes with qualified processors. This kit empowers developers to effortlessly connect their hardware to Sentient’s advanced AI ecosystem, unlocking the full potential of our innovative features. With user-friendly SDKs (Software Development Kits), the EVK streamlines the tuning process, allowing developers to fine-tune the AI-features with precision.

This comprehensive solution expedites the development cycle, enabling a swift transition from prototype to market-ready product. Sentient’s EVK serves as a pivotal tool, fostering a dynamic environment for harnessing the power of Sentient’s cutting-edge AI-features in any of your audio applications.

We have qualified top-tier electroacoustics components, keeping cost in mind, to meet all the requirements of your specific design. They include :

  • Analog or digital MEMS microphones with high SNR and acoustic overload point;
  • Dynamic and balanced armature receivers with high SPL and low distortion;
  • Inertial measurement units with large bandwidth and high SNR.

We provide design guidelines to ease and fasten the integration of these components into your design, and to maximize the performance of Sentient platform.

Seamless software portability to various chipsets is at the core of our activity. We tailor our Sentient audio suite to suit various DSP and NN-accelerator processors.

We meticulously optimize our algorithms to ensure they perform efficiently and effectively on each processor, guaranteeing top-notch performance and compatibility across a wide range of platforms. Our main partners include:

Sentient pioneers a streamlined approach to hearables mass production, offering comprehensive guidelines that simplify the manufacturing process. Our guidelines serve as a blueprint for efficient and error-free production, ensuring seamless integration of AI-driven features. Moreover, Sentient provides a robust API coupled with industry-leading test equipment facilitating precise calibration and performance tests during mass production.

This integrated solution empowers product integrators to achieve consistency and excellence in delivering AI-enhanced hearables at scale. By combining guidelines for smooth production workflows with cutting-edge API and testing tools, Sentient stands as a strategic solution in the realization of high-quality, technologically advanced hearables for the mass market.

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