Revolutionize Awareness

The Aware Mode is a feature integrated into active headphones that bridges the gap between auditory immersion and situational awareness. It combines advanced noise-cancelling technology with real-time environmental monitoring to allow users to seamlessly switch between a fully immersive audio experience and being aware of their surroundings. This dynamic feature is a testament to the capabilities of AI-driven headphone technology.


Active occlusion cancellation

Natural Rendering

Passive attenuation compensated

Smart Trigger

Speak-to-chat trigger

Noise Limiting

Hearing damage prevention

The core functionality of AI-Aware revolves around the ability to adapt to the surrounding environment. Through an array of built-in microphones, the headphones continuously capture and process ambient sounds, such as traffic noise, conversations, or announcements. 

These sounds are then filtered, amplified, or attenuated based on user preferences, ensuring that users stay aware of their surroundings without removing their headphones.

With AI expertise at the helm, AI-Aware goes beyond simple noise pass-through. These headphones learn from user behavior and adapt sound processing accordingly. For instance, if you frequently adjust the volume when someone is speaking, your headphones will gradually recognize this pattern and automatically lower the volume or pause playback when it detects external speech. 

This dynamic personalization ensures a tailored and comfortable listening experience, making active headphones feel like an extension of your own senses.

What is the use?

Exceeding traditional awareness, AI-Aware enhances the auditory experience by adapting to the environment and user behavior, ensuring constant awareness and alertness for safety in various situations.