Revolutionize in-person communication

In noisy environments like bustling cafes, busy offices, or crowded streets, effective face-to-face communication can be challenging. Conventional communication devices often face difficulties in isolating the intended conversation from the surrounding noise. AI-F2F, short for “Artificial Intelligence Face-to-Face,” represents a groundbreaking innovation that tackles this issue. It integrates microphone beamforming and low-latency AI-based denoising algorithms to deliver exceptional sound quality and clarity for in-person conversations.






Active Occlusion Cancellation

Smart trigger

Speak-to-chat trigger

AI-F2F specialises in isolating speech signals between a user and their interlocutors in noisy environments. This groundbreaking technology allows clear and understandable conversations even in settings where noise typically hampers communication such as non-stationary and harmonic noises and low signal-to-noise ratios.

Utilising Orosound’s proprietary machine learning technology, AI-F2F enables unhindered communication irrespective of the location.

Orosound Labs’ F2F technology integrates patented microphone beamforming and speech enhancement technologies, delivering a unique directional speech enhancement experience.

By precisely focusing on the speaker and employing sophisticated NN-based denoising, F2F guarantees optimal audio clarity, even in challenging acoustic conditions, providing an unparalleled communication experience in any environment.

What is the use?

Going beyond traditional noise cancellation, AI-F2F enhances the natural quality of sound by adjusting pitch, tone, and volume. This ensures sound lifelike conversations are making communication effortless for anyone, anywhere.