Revolutionize listening, noise aside

Traditional noise-canceling systems rely on predefined algorithms and fixed filters to eliminate ambient noise. AI-driven ANC, on the other hand, adapts and learns from the environment and from the user’s wear of the device, dynamically adjusting its cancellation profile. This dynamic adaptability allows for unmatched noise suppression, ensuring that even the most unpredictable acoustic scenarios are mitigated, preserving audio quality.

48kHz per second

Hybrid adaptation







Orosound AI-ANC goes beyond basic noise cancellation by seamlessly transitioning between various noise environments and headphone use-cases.

Whether there’s a sudden change in your surroundings or a need to be aware of the world around you, our AI algorithms adapt the level and bandwidth of isolation, ranging from maximum attenuation to natural transparency with ease.

Explore Orosound Labs technology with our Audio Demo Module. Immerse yourself in diverse soundscapes, comparing your audio experience with our AI-enabled algorithms to real-life environments.

To begin your sound exploration, launch a track and use the switch button to toggle Orosound algorithms on/off.

What is the use?

AI-ANC transcends standard noise reduction, personalizing your listening experience by adapting to real-time sound environments and user physiology. It dynamically adjusts ANC settings based on how and where the device is worn, enhancing both comfort and the overall listening experience.