With industry-leading expertise in AI-enabled active noise cancellation and reduction, Orosound Labs, the innovator behind Face-to-Face Conversation Technology, is at the forefront of developing powerful, seamlessly integrated AI-based platforms for the next-generation of smart hearables.

As a respected partner of audio OEMs, product integrators, and silicon providers, we are committed to supporting our customers’ design-in processes with powerful tools, reference designs, and comprehensive technical support. Our operations span across the consumer, smart device, and OTC markets, where we continue to drive innovation and excellence.

Orosound Labs leads the way in hearing enhancement technology, offering the most advanced solution for headphone users seeking personalized audio experiences. With our cutting-edge F2F Technology, we excel at faithfully reproducing both users’ and their conversation partners’ voices while expertly reducing background noise. 

This exceptional performance is the result of meticulous AI-based fine-tuning and ultra-low latency, creating a genuinely natural and uninterrupted conversational experience. Join us on this transformative journey to reshape the future of communication.

Our engineering teams


“At Orosound’s, we’re designing ambitious and innovative noise cancelling solutions with the aim of bringing user comfort, regardless of the headphones’ form factor.”

Embedded Systems

“We play a pivotal role in designing and developing the software within audio devices. This involves optimizing performance, and ensuring seamless functionality. From coding firmware to enhancing signal processing algorithms, our work directly impacts the audio quality, user experience, and overall product innovation.”

SP & machine learning

“At the junction of signal processing techniques and the promising machine learning methods, we use our expertise in audio processing to distillate the potential of neural networks into a new ecosystem of efficient, robust and compact algorithms, to provide the best sound quality in every device.”

Hardware & Manufacturing

“We offer our expertise and experience of the manufacturing processes and methods to convert requirements into physical products. We can propose state of the art materials and techniques, and go straight to samples thanks to our industrial partners.”

Full Stack

“We provide mobile, desktop and cloud apps to enable real-time communication with your devices along with secure management APIs. From production line tools to complete cloud based infrastructures, our full stack expertise ensure seamless integration with your systems.”

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