Revolutionize distant communication

Modern life is a cacophony of unpleasant sounds – from bustling city streets to noisy work environments to the incessant hum of appliances and the roar of transportation systems. These environmental noises can disrupt our ability to hear and communicate effectively during phone calls and visio conferences. AI-enabled ENC tackles this challenge with a sophisticated approach. By employing machine learning algorithms, it has the ability to detect and categorize various types of environmental noise. The AI model can differentiate between constant background noise, sudden bursts of sound, and even irregular patterns.

NN-Based Processing

Adaptive Beamforming

Adjustable Latency

AI-Wind Noise Reduction

In a world of remote work and virtual meetings, clear communication is paramount. AI-based ENC excels not only in noise cancellation but also in voice enhancement. It isolates and amplifies the user’s voice within the sound landscape, capturing it from a single microphone, a beamformed antenna of microphones, or the fusion of sensor data.

AI-ENC leverages advanced technologies to isolate speech signals between users and the noise in their environments. This NN-based solution ensures clear and intelligible conversations, overcoming challenges posed by non-stationary and harmonic noises, as well as low signal-to-noise ratios. With Orosound Labs’s proprietary machine learning technology, AI-ENC facilitates seamless communication regardless of the environmental conditions.

Explore Orosound Labs technology with our Audio Demo Module. Immerse yourself in diverse soundscapes, comparing your audio experience with our AI-enabled algorithms to real-life environments.

To begin your sound exploration, launch a track and use the switch button to toggle Orosound algorithms on/off.

What is the use?

Surpassing conventional noise reduction, AI-ENC elevates calling experiences with adaptability, customization, voice enhancement, and power efficiency. This guarantees lifelike calls, making communication seamless, regardless of location.