At Orosound Labs, we tackle new challenges in the audio field, striving to achieve the impossible. Our mission involves continuous innovation in AI-enabled noise cancellation and smart awareness for hearables. This includes pioneering the industry’s first noise cancellation solution tailored specifically for face-to-face conversation.

In line with our vision, we proactively collaborate with cutting-edge silicon providers who share our commitment to disruptive technologies, enabling us to deliver even more powerful AI-enabled solutions to our customers.

Teamwork is at our core. We value and respect each other’s perspectives, leveraging individual strengths and fostering an inclusive environment where every voice is not only heard but also valued. We cultivate an environment of mutual support, understanding, and shared goals, nurturing relationships that lead to mutual growth and prosperity. 

Honesty is the foundation of trust in our organization. We are unwaveringly committed to transparent and ethical behavior in all our interactions, recognizing that trust is integral to maintaining enduring relationships and delivering high-quality outcomes.

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